Bathroom Inspirations Dorchester


Bathroom Inspirations Dorchester

We spoke to Patrick from Bathroom Inspirations in Dorchester to understand more about the project and how they created this beautiful bathroom for a client.


Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Patrick. We’d love to hear more about how you designed this luxurious space using our Decca range.

Our client had a good idea about the style of the bathroom they wanted right from the start. I planned the layout and guided them in choosing the right products and colours to achieve this. Our customers are also able to get ideas from our showroom settings and really loved our New Classic display where the Coalbrook products are shown beautifully.

Where did you start with the design? What brief were you given?

I started with a site visit which helps us to gain a feel for the property and of course the site survey allows us to come up with the best layout.  This particular project was challenging as we turned two separate rooms into one luxury bathroom.  The client had plenty of mood boards and Pinterest ideas which, in conjunction with our products on display helped us to achieve the final design.  The client wanted a balance of modern and traditional fittings and fixtures which Coalbrook is great for.  The client especially liked brushed brass and the Decca range works brilliantly for this.

How did this develop through the design process?

In our showroom, we are able to bring our Virtual World designs to life as we can sit in our lounge area with clients and look at tile and furniture samples and even use paint charts to bring everything together.  We quite often walk around our extensive showroom, offering up paint and tile finishes to see how they look with certain vanity units, and brassware finishes, which really helps the customer to visualise the room.  We then update our CAD drawings to see their choices in 3D.

Did you have any design challenges or did it all go smoothly?  

Our recommended fitters really did a brilliant job on this renovation.  They worked to the millimetre and made sure everything had been prepared perfectly for the design.  As we were knocking down walls and starting from scratch, there is always a potential for things to change but this job ran smoothly.

Which Coalbrook products did you use and what was it about our products that particularly appealed?

We used the Decca range.  It is simple but effective, keeping to the new-classic feel.  We have this range on display and the customer was able to see and feel the quality for themselves.  It’s also down to us as designers and salespeople to recommend products.  I personally love the Coalbrook quality and look and often point people in the direction of their taps and showers.

Where did you find your inspiration for the room?

The clients came in with lots of ideas and preferences which is always helpful for us. We have lots of experience and I work with my colleagues in the office to help with colours and the finishing touches.  We all have different ideas, but it’s always good to see what the rest of the team think!  Dani also assisted with the paint colours and tile options.  As she’s my daughter, customers like that we have a family connection and trust us to come up with something suitable for their bathroom.

What were the key features that helped to create this contemporary bathroom design?

We had to be clever to balance the modern feel with a slightly traditional look.  The Burbidge shaker doors and the marble effect tiles are a nod to a classic look, but the slimline shower tray and streamlined design of the brassware and other fittings ensure the room looks modern, fresh and simple.

And finally, what advice would you give to someone looking to create their own bathroom space?

It’s always helpful to look at using a service like ours to get a view with fresh eyes.  Quite often, people will have lived with their bathroom for so long that they can’t always see past its existing layout.  We can help to bring in new ideas and improve the flow of the room.  We have over 50 years’ experience, so we can guide them in choosing the right products too.   Additionally, like everything these days, the market moves quickly, bringing out new innovative products and designs.   We are happy to talk to customers about products and brands they may not know about.   We also recommend good fitters of course!

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