Bold and bright family bathroom design


Bold and bright family bathroom design

When Jenny Morton of Jen Morton Interiors was approached to re-invigorate a family bathroom for the client’s children, she was asked to bring the impactful colour and style she is known for to this well-used space.


We spoke to Jenny to understand more about the project and what inspired the final bathroom design that she developed supported by Original Bathroom.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Jenny. Your beautiful design for this family bathroom really caught our eye and has inspired us to be more creative with colour.

Where did you start with the design? What brief did each of the family members give you?

My client came to me as she was in the unusual situation of inheriting the house she grew up in – her parents wanted to downsize – which was still pretty much decorated as had always been for her growing up. She wanted to put her own stamp on the property by adding colour and style that was her own. She came to me as I specialise in giving my clients the confidence to add colour to their homes and we were both excited to see the changes we could make.

The brief for the bathroom was to upgrade the family bathroom, which was shared by the couple’s son and daughter – both growing up quickly and having their own particular requests for this bathroom: A double vanity and basin unit, a large walk-in shower enclosure as both parents are tall so the kids were likely to be too! Importantly, the brief was to inject colour and fun.

And what did you want to achieve with the final look?

We wanted something young and playful, but also a design with longevity that would stand the test of time, that was easy to clean and would not go out of fashion. This bathroom has to last until the kids leave home (or not!) and beyond!

Did you have any design challenges or was it all plain sailing?

I originally took the brief during the first lockdown in 2020 and we were looking at the original family bathroom. As we started to look at the layout of the room, and with Emma’s help, we realised that there really wasn’t much we could do to improve on the original layout due to sloping ceilings and tight space.

We certainly would need to choose from either the double vanity unit OR the walk-in shower, but not both. Around about this time we were coming out of lockdown and my client’s husband was going back to work and wouldn’t need the room he had been using as a study. This room was much larger, light and airy. A beautiful space and a total gift to be able to design a fresh in a brand new room.

Which Coalbrook products did you use and what was it about our products that you particularly love as additions to your scheme?

We used all of their taps from the Domo brushed brass range (full list below) and I particularly love the free standing tap for the bath. It really sets the scene for a beautiful, sophisticated spot to take a bath.

They all worked perfectly with the wall hung vanity unit, shower screen and freestanding bath that I included in the scheme.

Where did you find your inspiration for the room?

I always create a concept board for my clients to set out style direction – see below – and this family bathroom design was no exception. The colour I was given by the client was yellow, her daughter’s favourite colour, so I paired it with turquoise – another bright and happy colour to make the space gender-neutral.

How did you make the bold colour scheme work in the space?

By keeping it bold! Going for it with two bold colours, bold colour on the walls, a brave patterned tile, bright taps and finishes…it showed we were committed to the scheme and the original concept.

Coalbrook supplied Original Bathrooms with the brassware you used. Did you work with them on all aspects of the project? How did they help you bring the concept to life?

Emma at Original Bathrooms was integral to making the scheme work as she knows the products so well, that she could work on the layout and check that everything could work. She could also manage the supply chain, which when dealing with the build was a huge help to keep all parties happy. Emma also is a great source of information for me on what products are out there and what would suit the design.

Coalbrook was perfect for the brief that was given to me when I first started working on this project.   I loved working with Jen as she had a clear idea of the visual she was trying to create and the budget she was working with.  Jen was open to my suggestions using my product knowledge giving some free reign on the specification which resulted in achieving a stunning outcome.”

Emma, Original Bathrooms

And finally, what advice would you give to someone who is looking to take on a bathroom project such as this?

Make sure your concept is watertight and both designer and client know exactly the direction you are heading in. Make sure budget is clear and that the products you are looking at are available/easy to source and that you have a great bathroom supply in support behind you to deal with the supply chain and manage builders’ expectations.

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