Bathroom design ideas for small bathrooms


5 ways to make your small bathroom feel bigger

When it comes to design, creating space in a small bathroom can be a unique challenge. But with the right design, you can create a bathroom that looks great, no matter how small it is. Whether you are planning to remodel your current bathroom, or you are just planning to re-paint it and change fixtures, there are plenty of ways to make a small bathroom look great.

1. Paint colour

Natural and light colours

The use of colour is an essential part of design to make a small room feel larger. The right colours can create space and atmosphere. Light and bright colours will not only make a space look bigger and more open, but will create a cosy, comfortable and relaxing bathroom. They go with most styles meaning you can use them for many bathroom designs.

Bold and bright colours

If you want to make your small bathroom look larger, use bold and bright colours. With these tones, you can play with light in the space you have. When you use only one colour, the space appears continuous. Warm, dark colours advance towards us. Paint longer walls a darker shade to emphasise the room’s length. Or to make long narrow spaces feel squarer, paint the shorter walls slightly darker. Avoid black and white. Keep in mind that medium shades will make your space appear smaller than it is.

2. Lighting styles

Wall lights

If you're looking to create the illusion of space in your small but functional bathroom, you'll need to choose the right lighting. Do not just have one light source. Adding wall lights will help the area feel brighter and larger. Positioning is key; having the wall lights either side of a mirror will cast light back into the room for a more spacious feel. If you are designing a particularly compact space, consider backlit mirrors and cabinets.

No windows?

If your bathroom has a total lack of natural light, paint the walls and ceiling in the same colour. A white bathroom always works as it will reflect light around. But you can also go dark all the way around too. Try a mix of a small pendant or wall light(s), and spot lights. Plus adding LED lighting under niches can create mood when needed. Make sure your bathroom has as large a mirror as possible – you could always frame it to mimic a window. And remember, reflective surfaces will create space too.

3. Reflections


One of the easiest to implement small bathroom ideas is to use mirrors. Mirrors are great for making a small space feel more cohesive, helping tie together the different elements of the room. Mirrors can be used to add depth to a room, and they can also be used to reflect light and make a room appear brighter. It's important to place the mirrors in the right spot, and the right angle.

A tall mirror draws the eye upward, instantly making the room feel more spacious. Gather together a collection of mirrors and display them together to reflect light in different directions. A mirror with a shelf or hooks attached is perfect for a small space, and functional too. Setting a mirror up directly opposite of a window will give a brightening effect and can also create the trompe l’oleil effect of an extra window.


It’s not just mirrors that give the idea of reflective space; consider glass vases and bowls, polished wall tiles or floor tiles, metal surfaces, high-gloss cabinets. Smoked glass bathroom tiles, glossy vanity cabinets and chrome fixtures. All will thread more light through the living space by carrying natural light from windows and capture the artificial glow from your lighting. Our chrome Bank Shower Valve with Handspray is perfect as a bathroom design idea for small bathrooms.

4. Maximising space

Less is more

Avoid using a lot of furniture even if you need storage space, because it can make your bathroom look smaller than it actually is. If you have a tiny bathroom, you should look for furniture that is made to fit the space. Vanities, cabinets and shelves can be great bathroom storage ideas, but make sure they are not too large to fit the space. – can we add in how wall mounted basin mixers saves worktop space?

Wall mounted basin mixers are a great space-saving option as they do not require a countertop or basin-mounted installation. They utilise wall space perfectly and look streamlined and sleek. They free up valuable worktop space, providing a clutter-free feel to your bathroom.

Vertical space

Take advantage of the vertical space. If you invest in space saving tiered corner open shelving, even a modest corner can be utilised. Maximise further by using cabinets or shelves made to fit right up to your ceiling. Corner showers will help you use the vertical space in your bathroom in a very efficient way. Glass doors will give a further boost to spatial illusion. Our Multifunction Shower Bar Mixer System in reflective chrome will be perfect for adding a heightened feel to your shower.

5. Accessories

Choose wisely

If you have a small bathroom, you need to be careful with the choice of accessories, as well as with the choice of furniture. You should also consider the style, design and size of your bathroom and choose your accessories accordingly. Here at Coalbrook we offer an extensive range of accessories to compliment all of our product ranges in all finishes including new new electric towel rails.

Brushed Nickel
Brushed Brass

All of our accessories will help you maximise your space, from simple but effective spare paper holders to wall hung toilet brush holders that are perfect for freeing up floor space. Perfect for corner spaces, the wall mounted triangular soap basket is practical and contemporary in design. Our swivel towel bars are the perfect addition to the bathroom as they are practical but have a minimalist style allowing you to store two towels.

Which bathroom design ideas for small bathrooms will you choose?

From the initial idea to the final product, design has been at the forefront of our minds in all our ranges. Taking timeless, essential bathroom items and creating modern, sought after designs was our goal. View our full product range.

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