Make a green statement in your bathroom design


From the warm tones of brushed brass to slightly cooler hues with brushed nickel, there is a rise in projects featuring green elements in which all four finishes available from Coalbrook compliment. Whether it’s your chosen tiles that create the focal point of your bathroom or the furniture, adding in these natural elements of green tones are seeming to be featured in many bathroom projects. Discover the features below and understand how to make a green statement in your bathroom.

Exploring the green colour palette

Expand your bathroom space by reflecting light and cooler tones with sage greens and brushed nickel, the hues of the nickel create a sense of warmth without the space feeling too cold. With all the hard surfaces bathrooms bring, it is easy for a bathroom to become the coldest space of your home. Our new electric floating towel rails are the perfect addition to bring in this element of warmth.

How to make a green statement in your bathroom
North Arch Bathrooms

A rise in rich tones of emerald greens and brushed brass create a luxurious feel which are truly inspirational, whether you have an ample amount of space, or a small cloakroom, the use of these finishes really do create a statement.

How to make a green statement in your bathroom
Day True

Across the green palette, teal is most commonly paired with dark mono tones, where gunmetal is the ideal match. From abstract patterns to clean and simple backdrops, the gunmetal finish creates a perfect contrast without causing any distractions as chrome may create with the ability to reflect light.

How to make a green statement in your bathroom
Otto Tiles

Explore moodboards

As simple as it states. Pull in different shades and products to enable you to find your perfect balance of colour and simplicity. Try starting with a simple background and add in smaller elements of colour; if this isn’t catching your eye, reverse the colours. This is a great way to experiment before you dedicate yourself to a final design. 

how to make a green statement in your bathroom design
Starel Stones

Brassware finishes

If committing to bold tiles is too daring, you can try adding some warmth and contrast by scattering an opposing colour into the equation. With a range of bathroom accessories available in four finishes, you'll be able to match your brassware to compliment your core chosen shade of green. Explore our Coalescence range to add in a contrasting texture element of ceramic handles available in black or white, or be bold and mix finishes. Discover your favourite from the 24 possibilities here

You can find out the health benefits of introducing green elements into your interior design from our biophilic design blog.

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