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What to look out for next year…

Your bathroom is not there for function. Out of all of your living spaces, it’s the true sanctuary of your home. The place where you can go for peace and privacy, to relax and unwind. Whether you are currently in the process of looking for a new bathroom design style for 2023 or refreshing your current one, here are some of the trends we predict you will be seeing this coming year.

Colourful basins

These are all about injecting personality. They are the interior designer’s choice for a modern bathroom. While tile, paint and wall coverings offer obvious ways for infusing character, colourful basins are the new way to bring it to this often used space. They come in all shapes and sizes, finishes and patterns. 

You can go bold and colour-block to make your new fixture the star of your space by keeping everything else neutral. With your cabinetry, walls and countertops all coated in a bright, clean white, your basin can really pop. Ditch the white bathroom and go colour crazed throughout…

With this bathroom design trend for 2023 you can bring some edge to your bathroom without sacrificing sophistication. The possibilities really are endless. We recommend finishing your coloured sink with our Gunmetal Bank range. We recommend finishing your coloured sink with basin spouts from Gunmetal range. Zurich 3TH Deck Mounted Basin Mixer Angles Fixed Spout or the Zurich 3TH Wall Mounted Basin Mixer. They will give you great contrast and a minimal yet distinctive design element.

Bold tiles

It’s time for new bathroom tile ideas. Is this the year we finally move away from the subway tile? Whether you go for a pattern underfoot or a brave backsplash, bold is the tile trend to create visual interest and let your personality shine.  


The word "pattern" can seem off putting to some and many may shy away, but this great new choice in tiles are great for creating clean lines. Using them in the shower or wet room will create a focal point and instantly elevate your room, teamed with a glass panel shower so that they are always visible. 

If you are not ready to transform your bathroom with a full pattern, using a trim of tiles or patterned border is a good option. You will want only the best fixtures in your line of site, so choose shower heads and more from our Shower and Bath range. The Riser Rail and Pencil Shower Head is available in four finishes and will give you a powerful start to the day.

Textured tiles

Tiles with texture give a warmer, more classic look, and are likely to gain popularity throughout 2023. They can reflect light or catch shadows which will contribute to the bathroom's overall mood. If you are working with a smaller space, textured tiles can help make it appear bigger giving the illusion of depth and space, especially tiles with wavy or horizontally linear designs. 

Natural materials

To really bring a soothing atmosphere to your bathroom, go for natural materials and organic features such as concrete, stone, woods and earthy tones. Once you have the natural elements in place, you can play around in the space with different accessories, bringing in colour if you wish. Here at Coalbrook we have a complete range of accessories from paper holders to soap baskets, from robe hooks to towel rings, all ideal to compliment your chosen finish. 


Brushed brass is set to continue to dominate as a favourite fixture and fitting with its subtle brushed finish. Brushed brass adds texture and warmth exudes style and wealth; unlike the gaudy yellow gold that was ever present during the 1980s! Our gold-toned brushed brassware products, like the DOMO 3TH Wall Mounted Basin Mixer, have been created to provide something modern and special for every bathroom space.

Decorative lighting

From ornate ceiling lights to pendants, bathrooms are fast becoming prime spaces for showcasing lighting. Beautiful bathroom lighting ideas can contribute to a soothing spa-like atmosphere while still being functional. Retro lighting is another great interior design trend which will give you a contemporary design in your powder room whilst retaining some vintage style.

Focal point bathtubs

There is no better feeling than treating yourself to a much-deserved bath at the end of a long day. Or use your tub to transition from home working to home life. Freestanding and custom bathtubs have been a popular choice for years now and are set to continue in this vein as a top bathroom design trend for 2023. 

They are a great way to create a centrepiece and can also add value to your home. Add the right fixtures like our latest Zurich 5 Tap Hole Bath and Shower Mixer, or the DECCA Freestanding Mixer to the bathtub from our extensive ranges, and you will create a dramatic and high-end look in.


From unexpected, coloured cabinetry to dark finished cabinetry, from all white cabinetry to cabinetry that looks and feels like you are in a high-end cocktail bar. These are no longer just somewhere to store your towels. It really is the number one trend in bathroom design that can shape the whole style of your bathroom. 

But keep in mind, whether you are totally renovating or sprucing up with new cabinetry, durability and quality is as important as the way it looks. It will have to withstand a lot from wear and tear, be resilient to water and steam clouds too. 

The material they are made from makes a big difference. Solid wood is much stronger and more likely to last longer than their cheaper counterparts. Check out Bard & Blackwood, dedicated craftsmen with over 30 years experience making bespoke furniture.

Which bathroom design trends for 2023 will you choose for your sanctuary space?

From the initial idea to the final product, design has been at the forefront of our minds in all our ranges. Taking timeless, essential bathroom items and creating modern, sought after designs was our goal. View our full product range

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