What is BREEAM water consumption and how can it save water at home?


BREEAM water consumption and how we can reduce water usage

Reducing water consumption is on everyone’s mind with hosepipe bans coming into place, or already in place in areas where water supplies are running low. Also, with utility bills hitting all-time highs, reducing your water bill is key to keeping future costs down. We are going to look at some of the things that can help reduce the amounts of water you are using day to day, and some long-term solutions too.

Fact: the last 8 months have been the driest in 50 years and we're using on average nearly twice as much water as we were using 60 years ago.

Start today with these water-saving tips

By making small changes such as turning off the tap when brushing your teeth or swapping a bath for a short 4-minute shower, you are not only helping to save water but energy and money too, as well as protecting the environment and future supplies. Only run the dishwasher when it is full and wait for a full load before running your washing machine.

Low-flow shower heads reduce the amount of water you use, without compromising on pressure by mixing air with water to produce a steady, even spray. Fix any leaks ASAP! Dripping taps can waste enough water in a year to fill a child’s paddling pool every week of the summer. A single leaking toilet wastes an average of between 215 and 400 litres of water per day (Source: Thames Water).

Fit a Cistern Displacement Devices (CDD) to displace around 1 litre of wastewater every time you flush, which can achieve savings of up to 5000 litres per year. Fitting your toilet with a dual flush will save on water consumption too. If there are more bedrooms in your home than people or the same number, check out getting a water meter, if you do not have one already.

Gardeners should water their plants in the morning because that is when plants and soil are ready to take in water. Use mulch compost which helps soil retain more moisture by shading and cooling the roots, and helping water get in. Use a washing-up bowl to catch any excess clean water that is wasted when you are running the tap to fill water bottles, wash fruit and veg, fill the kettle etc and throw this onto your plants or lawn.

Remember that water usage and energy use are connected – by reducing the water you use you will save money on your energy bills and help with carbon emissions too.

Looking for a long-term solution?

What is BREEAM water consumption? The BREEAM water consumption calculator is used in the assessment of water efficiency in most types of new buildings. The calculator assesses the contribution that each internal domestic scale water-consuming component has on a whole buildings water consumption.

The Coalbrook range has been designed and developed to be suitable for projects seeking BREEAM water consumption compliance. Coalbrook products are factory fitted with NEOPERL water fittings as standard meaning precise water-saving fittings can be easily installed to optimise water consumption.

NEOPERL flow regulators adjust the water flow rate to meet your requirements because to use water efficiently, the flow rate should be precisely regulated. They optimise water consumption in household spouts or are installed as sub-components in drinking water supply lines.

Water regulation in this way contributes greatly toward the environmental impact of the product, meaning you will save water at home. This was proven when the Technical University of Berlin conducted a life cycle assessment study on behalf of Neoperl. The results were astonishing, meaning the use of the flow regulator pays for itself in just a few days, which is a great benefit for you, mankind and the environment.

If a small flow regulator is in use for ten years, it recovers at least 26,000 times the resource consumption from the manufacturing process.

If you are thinking of replacing any of your kitchen mixer spouts, shower mixers, bath fillers or basin spouts, make sure they are BREEAM water consumption compliant to save water at home. All relevant Coalbrook products can be fitted with flow restrictors to comply with BREEAM water usage regulations.

From the initial idea to the final products, design and water-saving properties have been at the forefront of our minds in all our ranges. Taking timeless, essential bathroom items and creating modern, sought-after designs was our goal. All our products come with a 20-year guarantee and are meticulously tested both for the finish and longevity.

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