Designing a minimalist small bathroom


Using a minimalist scheme in your small bathroom design is one of the best ways to make a big impact in a limited space. The use of clean lines, a simple colour scheme and sleek accessories create a feeling of order and harmony – key traits of such a space. At Coalbrook, our Domo range was designed with a contemporary, elegant look so it’s perfect for achieving that streamlined look in your bathroom. Let’s explore all the different elements of a minimalist bathroom scheme and see how the Domo range can help you create this look.

A Minimalist Colour Scheme

Firstly, use a simple colour scheme consisting of only a few colours. This is often white with one accent colour, such as black or grey, but more recently we have seen more colourful schemes becoming popular. Remember to keep things simple though - too many colours will result in an eclectic look and move you away from the minimalist space you’re looking for.

Choose bathroom fixtures and fittings in one colour – gunmetal, brass, nickel or chrome. This is not the time to use more than one metal or over-complicate the scheme with elaborate designs. To add to the seamless look, you could even use the same tiles on the walls and floor. In a small bathroom, this creates the illusion of space and achieves an unfussy look with clean lines.

Minimalist Bathroom Accessories

The streamlined look of our Domo product range allows them to fit seamlessly in any bathroom space. If you’re going for a classic monochrome colour scheme combine white tiles with gunmetal taps above the basin and in the shower. Consider the Domo wall mounted three-hole basin mixer tap with its contemporary, clean design. It will provide a stunning accent. An alternative basin tap would be the mono basin mixer in gunmetal, also from the Domo range.

Using brushed brass fixtures and fittings will introduce a bold accent colour to any minimalist scheme. It will look particularly striking in a bathroom that is predominantly white or grey but work equally well with some of the richer colours we are seeing in bathrooms at the moment, such as green, blue and even maroon. At Coalbrook, you’ll find minimalist brushed brass taps, shower fittings and accessories. To add a sleek finish to your shower consider the Domo two outlet shower valve with hand spray or the concealed shower valve trim set

Create a clutter-free space

To achieve a truly minimalist look in your bathroom it needs to be free of clutter. How many items do you really need in your bathroom? If you like to buy toiletries in bulk, you’ll probably need to store all the extras elsewhere to avoid your bathroom becoming full of spare bottles and toilet paper!

Some storage will be necessary so think about how much you’ll need. If you’re trying to achieve a clean, contemporary look all surfaces will need to be clear, except for maybe some soap or a houseplant. It’s a good idea to place a floating vanity unit underneath your sink; wall-hung units and sanitaryware create the illusion of space in a small bathroom as they enable as much of the floor as possible to be seen. If your sanitaryware is white and the tiles on the floor and walls are white this will enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Further ideas for your minimalist scheme

This type of interior design relies on the use of beautiful, considered materials and products. If you are going to limit what you use and what you allow into the space everything should be as high quality as possible, in line with your budget. Choose classic pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time and avoid the need to make future purchases.

Use any architectural details in your small bathroom to your advantage rather than concealing them - minimalist design is all about celebrating what is there already without covering things up. Ultimately this style of bathroom design focuses on the simple, uncomplicated presentation of a room using harmonious features and a minimal calm colour scheme. This is where Coalbrook’s Domo range can help with their sleek yet striking pieces, cleverly combining form and function.

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