How Accessories Create a Unique Bathroom That Reflects Your Style


Bathrooms are a sanctuary within the home; a place to relax, wind down and escape the stresses of everyday life. And the best bit is, when we add small but important details, they become unique bathrooms we fall in love with.

We’re all looking for ways to take our homes to the next level. Part of this journey is transforming spaces that are often neglected, such as bathrooms. It is easy to transform your bathroom from plain and simple, to modern and unique. From adding a hanging plant to changing the colour of your spouts and valves, these small and subtle changes or additions create the unique bathroom you’ve always wanted.

What is a unique bathroom?

When it comes to bathrooms, you might feel that they all look identical, with the same necessary facilities. To set your space apart and elevate your bathroom, this ‘uniqueness’ is crucial. Consider how to incorporate your personality. For a boring bathroom to become a unique bathroom it must be different, and what better way to achieve this than framing the details on what you love. Is your favourite colour black? Swap out your existing chrome valves, spouts and mixers for gunmetal ones, creating a bold and different look that really packs a punch.

Modern bathrooms don’t need an overload of décor. It’s really easy to create a unique bathroom, all you have to do is add subtle pieces. Create small changes and watch it flourish into a modern space you can be proud of. Think outside of the box. Instead of just focusing on the facilities, think about how you can make simple swaps to create a big difference. Consider colours and fabrics to create something that helps turn your bathroom into something truly special.

How do you create a unique bathroom?

We believe you deserve a unique bathroom that stands out from the rest. One that is a complete reflection of who you are. This is exactly where our Zurich range comes in.

An ode to Swiss precision and high-quality design, the Zurich collection was created with the same exceptional attention to detail. Featuring well-crafted levers, with a square handle fitted into a round hole, the Zurich range required several rounds of rigorous engineering and testing and every twist and turn is precisely mapped out and thought through.

Forget boring bathrooms that look the same and feel stagnant. With us, you have access to the perfect small details and sophisticated décor that elevates your space. Get the best of both worlds with a modern bathroom that radiates pure comfort. Whether it’s a brushed brass spout or a gunmetal one, adding in these small details from our Zurich Collection will transform your boring space to a unique bathroom that you’ll enjoy spending time in.

Unique bathrooms that become our cosy spaces are what help make a house feel more like a home. So, add a sprinkle of your personality into the space’s décor today. To find out more about us and browse the full Zurich range head over to view our range here.

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